Wednesday, April 9, 2008


So I'm driving down 635/LBJ Westbound and as I'm passing over Josey Lane, I noticed lights from an emergency crew. I also noticed several vehicles slowing down and moving to the left. As I look in my rearview mirror to see how traffic is behind me so that I can change lanes as well, I see this small white car coming at a high rate of speed. First he's in my lane coming up behind me then the moves suddenly to the left lane then back into my lane in front of me and then again to the left and realizes people are braking and tries to move right again and loses control on a rain slick road and BAM! smack in the back of the fire engine who was at the scene of the prior accident.

This guy swerved, made at least 1 full spin and hit the back of the fire engine headon AND I see this fireman jump out of the way. If he hadn't of jumped he would have been under the car I'm sure. I'm thinking to myself...........OMG there is no way this guy can be alive. Well, I did the right thing by pulling over and talking to the police about me witnessing the whole incident and this guy from this little car gets off his vehicle like nothing. No scratches, no bloody forehead, NOTHING! GOD was holding him. The car well.......let's just say you couldn't tell it had an engine or where the engine should have been for that matter.

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