Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to my MOTHER!

Today is her 63rd birthday and still going strong! This past Saturday we celebrated my mother's birthday at my sister's (Miranda) new home. I made her favorite, pork chops with rice and homemade beans. There were Mariachis, and her sister made it as well. I was so excited to see that my mother was truly surprised this time and then to see the look on my aunt Ramona's face and her eyes wide open. This is the aunt who has Parkinson's and her eyes are usually shut due to parkinson's. What a awesome moment to see her like that and clapping and having a good time.

Afterwards, when everyone left except me and my sisters and significants others, we went bowling and teamed up as couples. Well, me and Alonzo won all rounds we played. Joanna, Vica, Sabrina, Nathalie played teams too and they all got strikes. WOOHOO.

Happy Birthday MOMMA and hoping you have many more. Just dont' get spoiled with the Mariachis, you'll never know when I'll bring them.

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